Pak Sheung Chuen Takes on San Antonio

Originally published by the San Antonio Current. When I sit down with Hong Kong-based artist Pak Sheung Chuen, he opens a small black notebook filled with scraw… more

Everyday Algorithms

Originally published by Pastelegram. On the evening of March 5, 1968, John Cage sat down to play a game of chess with Marcel Duchamp. A bottle of wine sat on th… more

Editing the river

Originally published by Plaza de Armas.  When the city of San Jose, California, was redeveloping its downtown in the early 1980s, initial master plans comp… more

Shrinking Neighborhoods to Strengthen Communities

Originally published by Plaza de Armas. On a recent drive through the Government Hill neighborhood, along the edge of Ft Sam Houston, urban developer Peter Fren… more

James Castle: Books at Lawrence Markey Gallery

Originally published by Art Lies. James Castle’s work is an art critic’s Rorschach test: there are so many interpretive possibilities and so few contextual… more

Joe McPhee and John Butcher at The Hill

Originally published by Glasstire. May’s Cafe is the only business in Cornudas, TX, a city with a population under ten. When you pull up, there’s a sign tha… more

Silence and Void: Cage, Fuller, and Urban Space

Originally published by Art Lies. In 1948, John Cage staged a play at Black Mountain College. The production, The Ruse of Medusa, was an early bit of surrealism… more


A mobile app which allows artists, authors, and musicians to leave audio recordings in physical locations for others to discover. It was launched in June, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.

David Shelton Gallery

Custom content management system for a Houston-based art gallery.

Last Statement

This is an experiment in using the tools of data journalism to explore the last statements given by people executed by the State of Texas.

It's getting kind of quiet in my city's head

Text applied to a fragment of a public installation by Anton Vidokle.


A sculpture incorporating video, poetry, and music exhibited in Amalgamations at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum.